shounter valley

Shounter Valley In Azad Kashmir

Shounter valley is the most beautiful and engrossing valley of Azad Kashmir. It is full of lakes and heart-capturing visuals. There are lush pastures and seems like the floor is covered with green carpets and a fine green rug all around the valley.

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    Where is the Shounter valley located?

    The valley is situated over sea level near the Neelum valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is almost at a height of 4420 meters from the sea. There is a Shounter pass and lake in the valley. The valley is surrounded by full green mountains that look stunning. Visitors can get avenues from Kel through jeep which opens for two months. The district management has decided to build an almost 12 km long undermine. The underpass in the valley connects it to the other named Astore valley.

    shounter mountain

    What is the charm of the valley?

    The most enchantress picture of the valley is the presence of the lake there which gives a tantalizing and alluring panorama to its visitors. The beautiful lake is sustained by the mountains’ glacial water. The lake teems with lush and luxurious and flourishing grass. The dense pine trees also intensify their beauty. The floor of the valley seems smooth and glossy. 

    shounter lake

    Which things are best to do in the valley?

    Waterfalls on the lake are much attractive and enticing. The place is famous for camping. The valley has magnificent visuals that automatically attract one’s attention. The view of the sky is crystal clear at night. There can also be jeep riding or a long walk. Visitors can also do barbeque with their families and friends during camping. 

    What is the ideal time to visit the shounter valley?

    The valley is famous for its snow and mornings full of fog. Few lakes can be a cause to go there. The summer season especially May and August is the best and ideal time to enjoy the visit. Tourists go there due to the beauty of its lakes. In summer, these lakes give astounding scenery to the outsiders. 

    shounter valley beauty

    The climate of the valley:

    In winter the climate of the Shounter valley remains extremely cold. There is heavy snowfall in winter and the coldness becomes merciless. The temperature in summer remains normal and approachable and seems convenient. The local community is habitual to surviving in hard winters but outsiders are not allowed to do so. That will be difficult for them.

    shounter weather

    Explore the valleys of Pakistan.

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