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Pathika Valley In Azad Kashmir

Pathika Valley in Azad Kashmir is famous for its beauty. Azad Kashmir is a center of numerous valleys that intensify the delicacy and charm. The whole valley consists of natural visuals and blessings. The place is gifted by God to a human being for praising the creator.

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    Where is the Pathika valley situated?

    This valley is situated near Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is a beautiful place and almost 31 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. Pathika valley is a division of Muzaffarabad. This valley is also known as the entrance of Neelum valley. It has a highway to link with Dowarian and Kel. This road is used for a safe journey by locators and visitors as well.

    pathika valley

    Activities of the local community in Pathika?

    People who live there have some activities to support their families. There is a marketplace for domestic needs. That mart has almost all types of items whether it is fabric or other grocery items. All these things are available easily. The valley can also be called a village or town. There are regular tasks in the valley that happened on daily basis in the market.  

    Attraction for tourists in the valley?

    Behind the mart, there is a stream that flows, and the river Neelum that creates a stunning image. The valley and mart are joined by a flyover and one can cross it by light conveyance like motorbike and bicycle. There are lush and fine meadows and pastures all around. The water of brooks and lakes crossed the valley and the view gives an ever-lasting impression.

    Pathika tourist attraction

    The economy of the Pathika valley:

    The people of the village depend upon the regular affairs of the market. The local community is involved in beneficial business in the countries of the Middle East. The town is rich and propertied in the economy. They tried to find the best livelihood and supported their families. They prefer the well business outside the valley and small activities in the valley like small hotel places, bargaining, and hardwood.

    Infrastructure of the valley:

    Pathika valley is comprised of some villages like Changalkalar, Machiara, Madar, Bhari, and Kahori. The living societies of the valley belong to different casts like Khan Mughal, Awans, Mir, Kayani, etc. The district management constructed a small zoo in the administration of the forest department and worldwide funds regarding the environment. Some inns and hotels are also constructed for the agents of management. They take great care of the wildlife and vegetation. They also have planned to construct national reservations to increase the beauty of the valley.

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