Village of Arang Kel

Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir (AJ&K)

Neelum Valley (also spelt as Neelam Valley) is situated to the North & North East of the Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir (AJ&K). This valley is the biggest tourist attraction due to its amazing lush green views in summer. Neelum valley  is 144 kilometers long. There is a Neelum River running along this valley. 

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    Best Time to Go Neelum Valley

    The best time to go the valley is April to August. In winter season due to the heavy snow falling  the mostly roads are blocked.

    Roads to the Valley

    There are many roads that are connect to the Valley. The main route of this valley if you are coming from the Islamabad is through the Muzafrabad city. This valley is start after the almost 40 KM from the Muzafrabad. There also many ways to approach this valley like from the Kaghan Valley , Noori top and other miner roads as well.

    After travelling the almost 40 KM from the Muzafrabad the fully lush green natural views and noisy river (like beating the drum ) welcomes you in the Valley. The Waterfalls make your soul fresh.

    Altitude of Valley

    The highest mountain in the Neelum Valley is “SARWALI” (6326 meters). There are thick forest as well in the valley. 

    River of Neelum Valley

    The Neelum river played a great role in increasing the beauty of this valley. This river is not get you bored while travelling because there are amazing lush green fields view at the bank of river only if you seated  at the right window side of your car. This river is look  like the blue snake. Some villages are settle at the bank of river and there huts make this view beautiful.

    Neelum River

    Waterfalls in this Valley

    The  small and big waterfalls comes during the travel that also increase the beauty of the Neelum Valley. These large number of waterfalls come into existence after melting the Glaciers and together make a noisy Neelum River. 

    Dhani Waterfall

    Villages of Valley 

    There are probably 370 large and small villages in this Valley and population is 191,000 (2017).  Valley has the some fruits that are famous for there taste like Apple, Apricot and Walnuts etc.  People in Villages are handworker. They do farming, take care the cattle’s and most of them are labors. Local people of this valley are very nice, they treat kindly or help you in every situation. The education rate at Neelum valley is low but now Army is building schools and the education rate is started growing.

    Village of Arang Kel

    Here are the some most visited places of the Valley:

    • Noseri Dam
    • Chilhana
    • Kundal Shahi
    • Kutton (Jagran Valley)
    • Authmuqam
    • Karen
    • Upper Neelum
    • Dawarian
    • Rati Gali Lake
    • Sharda
    • Kel
    • Arang Kel
    • Gurez Valley

    Source: Wikipedia 

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    Best places to visit in neelum valley