Wooden Canal Thall in kumrat

Guide To Kumrat Valley in KPK

Hey , If you are planning a tour to the Kumrat Valley then you will love this guide.

I am going to with you the complete information about the Valley and how to get in to the valley.

So, Let’s connected till the end.

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    About The Kumrat Valley

    Kumrat Valley is located in the district DIR Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This valley is almost 45KM away from the Thall Village. This valley is the popular tourist point in Pakistan. In summer season or in the holiday s of Eid-ul-fitar almost 2000 vehicles enter in this valley daily.

    This valley is  only accessed by 4*4 vehicles and the other option is through hiking. The Panjkora river that rises from the Hindukush mountains  is running side by side to this valley. 

    Kumrat valley is lush Green and has the Deodar forest. Valley is famous due to it’s forests, dark mountains, waterfalls and the river. This valley has amazing camping spots as well.

    Kalam To Kumrat Valley

    While your starting point is Islamabad or Lahore you will reach first to  to the lovely Timergara in Chitral which is situated in on the banks of Panjkora river. Almost 7 hours required to reach to this destination. Also, starting from the Islamabad Motorway, we pass the Hazara Motorway and then the Sawat Motorway. From this we take a route of the Dir District. After on the road of the Dir district during travel  some small towns come and the Panjkora river will not get you boar. Moving forward to the valley 4 hours also required t reach to the Thall village.

    Thall Village

    The Thall village is considered as the base camp for the Kumart Valley. People goes to the different places of the valley from the Thall village. There is a mosque in the Thall Village as well. This mosque is built by the locals craftsman. If you want to stay to the Thall Village there are many Guest Houses are available. I suggest you to stay in the village and get out of rid from tiredness. You can also plane the spots to visit in the Valley for the next day. There is also a Thall Bazar you can visit or some chit chat with locals. Otherwise, you can also go the Valley.

    Masjid Thall

    From Thall To The Valley

    Large number of Jeeps for transportation are available in this village. It’s on you to book a local on Jeep or a private one for the next travel. If you are travelling with locals the Jeep moves towards the valley after it get full by passengers. The fare of the Jeep is almost 25,00 to 3,000 Rupees OR 15$-20$.

    Thall Jeep point kumrat

    Stay in the Kumrat Valley

    The Valley is almost 1 hour (travel on Jeep)  away from the Thall Village. The fully loaded with nature views come during the travel time. Mountains drained in the dark and pine trees or Noisy river running side by side the valley. 
    There are large number of Tents are available to stay in the Valley on rent. Also, many guest houses as well. I suggest you to do camping in the valley and choose the bank of the river for the tent. You will really love and enjoy the nature. The air will fresh your soul and  green pastures, dark mountains views gives relaxation to your body. Really a peaceful place.

    Kumrat Valley

    Places to Visit in Kumrat Valley

    • Thall Mosque
    • Wooden Canals Thal
    • Kumrat Forest
    • Kala Chasmah
    • Bijartan
    • Dojanga
    • Shazora Lake
    • Jahaz Banda Meadows
    • Jahaz Banda Lake
    • Kundbanda  Valley
    • Kundbanda Waterfall
    • Katora Lake
    • Jandrai Trek

    Thall Mosque

    Masjid Thall

    Wooden Canal Thalls

    Wooden Canal Thall in kumrat

    Kumrat Forest

    kumrat Forest

    Kala Chasmah

    Kala Chasmah in kumrat


    Bijartan kumrat


    Dojanga kumrat

    Shazora Lake

    Shazora Lake kumrat

    Jahaz Banda Meadows

    Jahaz Banda Meadows

    Jahaz Banda Lake

    Jahaz Banda Lake in kumrat

    Kundbanda Valley

    Kundbanda Valley kumrat

    Kundbanda Waterfall

    Kundbanda Waterfall kumrat

    Katora Lake

    Katora Lake in kumrat

    Jandrai Trek

    Jandrai Trek kumrat

    This is all about the Kumrat Valley from my side. If you think that I missed the amazing place in the Kumrat Valley you can suggest us in the comment box OR contact us. Also, share your reviews about the guide below. 

    Source : Wikipedia

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