Shounter Valley

Guide to Shounter Valley in Azad Kashmir

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About the Shounter Valley:

          Shounter Valley is a beautiful part of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is situated near the most beautiful valley named Neelum Valley. The mountain and lake of the valley intensify the beauty and these natural visions present a panoramic scene. The lush, rich, and tall trees look so fascinating and enchanting that no one can stop but see. The atmosphere of the valley is clean and incredible. Snow and sleet look amazing in winter and captivate the heart of visitors and their attention as well. There is a small lake and underpass which enhance the beauty of the shounter on large scale. It is known as a small village and in this small place, the presence of the underpass is very amazing. The appreciation of these types of constructions goes to the administration of the place. The valley has waterfalls that look so amazing and stunning. The environment of the valley is clean and tidy because the place is not so rushed by people. A few people come to visit the valley and enjoy the adorable beauty of the shounter.

Lakes of the Valley:

Shounter Pass and the lakes are the most beautiful part of the valley. The small valley has a large amount of beauty in it. There are a few lakes in shounter valley that become tourists’ main attractions.

Shounter Lake:

Shounter Lake is also famous as Spoon Lake. The lake is not less than the ornament of the valley. The source of the water in the lake is the mountains that are covered with snow and their snowy water in the form of glaciers comes towards the lake. The height of the valley is about 31000 meters and 10,200 feet from sea level. It is situated among the mountains and has the shape of a spoon that’s why visitors call it Spoon Lake as well. It has 20 minutes driving distance from Chitta Katha Lake. This lake is so calm, peaceful, and free of dust.

Chitta Katha Lake:

Chitta Katha Lake is also the most visited lake and one of the most beautiful lakes in Azad Kashmir. It looks snowy due to snow falling in winter. Its height is almost 13,500 feet from sea level. It can be visited by jeep trek and has a distance of 20 kilometers from Kel. The name of the lake is given by local people, which is meant by “white stream”. White stream name refers to the white color of the water that seems so beautiful and outstanding.

Chitta Katha Lake

What’s the way to go to the shounter valley?

Shounter Valley has the most fascinating beauty and panoramic sights. It is a route that joins Azad Kashmir to the beautiful place named Gilgit Baltistan.

Travel from Lahore:

Anyone can get access to the valley from any city in Pakistan. One can travel to the valley by bus and by taxi but some specific places demand jeeps because the way is so bumpy and stony that jeeps can handle only. The management of the district constructed a shounter pass which is used to go to Astore Valley. If one wants to visit the valley from Lahore so it takes almost 16 hours and 8 minutes to reach the valley via Lahore – Islamabad Motorway. No doubt traveling a motorway is painless but consists of a long journey. There is another route to reach the valley that is almost about 17 hours and 54 minutes from MansehraJalkhadChilas road. It is almost about 788 km from Lahore. The journey of the valley via the motorway is most engrossing.

From Islamabad:

There are no flight schedules that go to Azad Kashmir directly so it’s a better decision to visit the valley by road. To visit the valley from Islamabad through the Hazara motorway will take almost 11 hours and 54 minutes as it has a distance from the capital territory of almost about 394.6 kilometers. And by simple road, it will take 13 hours and 6 minutes as the distance between Islamabad and the valley is almost about 395.9 kilometers.

From Muzzafarabad:

          If anyone wants to visit the shounter valley from Muzzafarabad, he must know about the route and distance of the valley. The valley has a gap of almost about 578 kilometers from Muzzafarabad. It will take 11 hours and 9 minutes to reach the destination of the valley.

Transport in the valley:

Astore Valley, Neelum Valley, and Kel are the places that visitors are likely to visit. Shounter pass is used to travel especially to Kel and Astore Valley. The valley has shrunk roads so it is convenient and safe to hire a jeep to visit these places. The locality of the valley is an expert to manage the routes and knows how to handle them. One can go with his transport but due to the bumpy and rugged area, it is suggested that visitors should hire a jeep. It will be an ideal and secure way to travel.

Stay in the valley:

There is no availability of hotels and motels in the valley. Visitors can set their camps for a stay. Shounter Valley is a camping site. The Neelum River is flowing in the valley and the noise and voice of the river water seem fearful at night. The valley is carpeted with green and lush grassy mountains all around. The whole scene looks like a painting of natural beauty. The weather of the valley is extremely cold in winter and snow falls in its full swing. The people of the valley are so hospitable and kind and they take care of outsiders by providing them with food and accommodation. They have a cultural touch in their lifestyle that attracts the attention of visitors.

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