Chitral Valley in Gilgit Baltistan

Chitral Valley is a masterpiece of natural beauty. It is surrounded by high mountains and tall trees which give the valley a remarkable beauty. It is a center of tourist attraction due to its culture and beauty.

Where is Chitral Valley located?

Chitral Valley is located in the northern part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is old name is Qashqar. It is situated almost about the height of 4,900 feet from sea level. The Chitral River that is also known as the Kunhar River flows and the valley is situated on the bank of said river. It lies in Hindu Kush Mountains. The city is the capital of the Chitral district and is near to Afghanistan control line. Chitral has almost 24 unions and 2 tehsils. Chitral has rich green valleys, lush pastures, and vast glaciers. There are almost 35 small villages that lie in the valley.

What is the historical background of Chitral Valley?

Chitral Valley has significance due to its little bit of history. First, an Islamic point of view is that it is assumed, or can be said a myth, that a devil had stolen the ring of Hazrat Suleiman (R.A) for its security because Hazrat Suleiman (R.A) has huge power over devils. The devil that did this badly lived in Tirchmir and hold a strong influence on several mountains.

Chitral played a key role for Kashmir in its first war. A famous personality named Mehtar Muzaffar ul Mulk declared Jihad for the freedom of Kashmir from Dogras. For this Gilgit, scouts helped a lot in these happenings. The bodyguard of Chitral also worked under the guidance of the Chitral Prince. Chitral is also called a state of Prince because it was ruled by a prince in British India.

What is eye capturing view in the valley?

There are green carpeted mountains and tall lush trees that seem so fascinating and left an everlasting impression on the viewers. The piece of Chitral is loaded with a natural beauty that is so relaxing and comforted the visitors. The climate is very pleasurable and gratifying. In the summer season, the valley presents a different type of beauty snow melts in summer and this glacial water mix with the River Kunhar or the River Chitral. The atmosphere is so stunning and clean that one can easily lose consciousness. In winter, there is another sort of beauty that the valley presents. Snow falling in the valley is in its full swing. Mountains and trees are covered and loaded with white snow and seem like they are covered with a white blanket of snow.

Hot Spring

What is the culture of Chitral Valley?

The said vale is very popular for its fine and exceptional culture. Not only the other area of Pakistan but foreign countries also visit to study and like it. The research was held by the IUCN (International Union Conservation of Nature) for China to study and take a depth view of the culture. According to their research, Chitral is a masterpiece for its art and craft, traditions, food, folksongs and dance, and local games.

The people of Chitral Valley are very hospitable and kind. They take care of their visitors and do all possible things for them. Chitral has an ancient touch in all their living standards like houses, dressings, jewelry, music, and everything. All these things are finely managed by them whether they are made up of wood or stone and marble. They save their old traditions and culture as a sample for viewers. By watching their culture, a proverb roaming in mind “Old is Gold”.

Kalash Festival

How to get to Chitral Valley?

Chitral Valley is approximately 400 meters away from the capital city of Islamabad. It takes almost drive of 8 hours to reach the valley. It will take almost 12 hours long drive to access the valley from Lahore. The whole valley has the facility of networks instead of Gilgit Baltistan. There might face a little few problems with the network. If anyone wants to visit the valley so night travel is highly recommended for visitors because it will lessen the travel by approximately two hours due to the traffic.

What is the source of livelihood of the Chitral people? 

The main source of livelihood is agriculture. The land of Chitral Valley is cultivated and productive which gives a fine amount of crops to farmers. Though the mountains of the valley do not suitable for a large number of crops it gives Wheat, corn, sugarcane, and tobacco in a handsome amount. The economic condition of the valley is not so good but well managed. The people of the valley are so kind and helpful that their culture their manners their style of living capture the attention of the tourists.

What is the ideal time to access the valley?

According to the district management, the winter season is the ideal time to visit the valley. As in winter, snow falling seems enchanting and left a lasting influence. The valley is not so crowded in winter; one can easily access each point of the valley and can get hotels on an affordable budget.


Bazar of the valley:

Chitral is well known for its culture and the stuffed clothing is liked all around Pakistan. The things are also much famous and of much importance to outsiders. The main Bazar of the valley has all possible things that one can purchase about his taste. Woolen men’s caps are famous for their fine texture and they are set according to fashion and easily available in every street of the valley. Chitral is also for carpets and rugs. There are also a fine amount of dry fruits that the farmers grow and import into the country. One can enjoy the Bazar and the stalls in it.

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