Bagh Valley

Bagh Valley In Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir is a well-known place all over the world. It is also known as “Heaven on Earth”. It is famous for its natural beauty and is also known as one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Snow on the peaks of hills and mountains, velvety green areas, and its climate make it a beautiful destination for tourists. Bagh Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Azad Kashmir. 

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    Bagh Valley Location:

    Bagh Valley includes in the ten biggest districts of Azad Kashmir. Birpani is the popular union council of Bagh Valley. Formerly, it was the part of Poonch district. Just like its name, it is the lushest area of Azad Kashmir. According to research, a garden was up created by a landlord. It was the center of forests. Later, it became a district. And now it is known as Bagh valley. The total area of Bagh valley is 770 square km and it is linked to Muzaffarabad by two roads, one is Sudan Gali (80 km) and the other is Kohala (97 km). The headquarters of the district is situated 46 km from Rawalakot.

    Bagh Valley Location

    More About Bagh Valley:

    According to the 2017 census, the population of Bagh Valley is 371,919. There are two sectors of the working population e.g. agriculture and public administration. The people of this valley are bold, greathearted, and skillful. They have a specialization in bakery products. This Valley is a hilly and steep area and usually tilted from northeast to southwest. Pir Panjal is the main range of Bagh Valley. There are two main streams of Valley named Mahl Nala and Betar Nala. People of the valley are eagerly concerned with fruit orchards. Therefore, fruit nurseries are set up by the agricultural department. Maize and wheat are the main crops of the valley. Management of district-organized SCO (special communication organization) for better communication. They have constructed 8 digital exchanges for telephone connectivity in all main towns of the district.

    Bagh Valley Climate:

    In summer, especially in May, June, and July, the temperature of Bagh Valley remains between 22 degrees celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. These are the hottest months in the valley. While the temperature in December, January, and February remained between 16 degrees celsius to 3 degrees Celsius. These are the coldest months in the this Valley. The climate of the valley changes with altitude. Average precipitation in the valley is recorded as almost 1500 millimeters. In February, mountains are covered with snow and the snowmelt starts usually at the end of April.    

    bagh 3

    Best Places in Bagh Valley :

    1-Neela Butt Bagh:

    Neela Butt Bagh is one of the historical destinations of Bagh Valley situated near Dhirkot. Tourists come here and enjoy their precious time in a beautiful environment. Neela Butt Bagh has the same historical importance as the Greater Iqbal Park and is historically important in the formation and independence of Pakistan.

    It is a place where the people struggled and gathered for the freedom of Azad Jammu Kashmir and the president of Azad Jammu Kashmir Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan became Mujahid e Awal. People of Neela Butt Bagh gathered at the Mujahidin e Azadi on the 23rd of August 1947 to get freedom from India. They wanted independence from the Dogra colonialism under the motivational and inspirational guidance of 23 years old son of Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayyum.

    neela but

    2- Dhirkot:

    Dhirkot is also one of the most beautiful places in Azad Kashmir. It is a calm and cleaned environmental place. The greenery of this place and lush tall trees welcome the tourists as they entered it. It is popular for fruits like apple pear and apricot. The atmosphere of Dhirkot is too much healthy, there is not any urban noise and pollution, and full of natural views that are very much enjoyable.

    dhirkot bagh

    3- Mallot:

    Mallot is also one of the most beautiful and most visited places in Bagh Valley. It’s a small town in the valley and located in the east of Dhirkot. Mallot is not a big city but it has education facilities for students. It has a girls and boys college of inter science and has some private institutions. Primary and middle schools are included in these private institutions in the town. So, it is remarkable that such a small town has education facilities for the grooming of children. And the management of this town should be appreciated for this.

    This unique town also has the facilities of communication through SCO. The organization spread its services in the surroundings of the village. And the villagers have the facility of a landline to connect each other. There are some private boosters also who are performing their services nicely like Telenor, Ufone, and Mobilink. So the small town of Mallot has grabbed the basic facilities in it.

    mallot bagh

    4- Kohala:

    Kohala is an entrance of Azad Kashmir. It is famous for its historical significance and is located on the Jhelum River. Like Mallot it has its transportation for people as well as for goods. Kohala got armed forces in 1814 when a ruler named Gulab Singh tried to make it a center of business for Hindus trafficker. It is also said that Kohala is a linking bridge that connected Murree to Azad Kashmir. Due to the name of the town Kohala, that bridge is also famous as Kohala Bridge. It was also affected by natural calamity in 1992 but reconstructed and restored by the district management of Bagh Valley.

    Kohola bridge bagh

    5- Birpani:

    Birpani is also one of the enchanting and fascinating of Bagh Valley, Azad Kashmir. It is located at the junction of two small nallas named the Birpani Nala and the Dhaki Nala which pass throughout the year. There lived the most educated tribes and this town is the most developed in the Bagh district. It has facilities for education and health. Birpani has many schools colleges and hospitals and it has the facility of higher secondary school. It also has communication services through private companies. Birpani is simply called a rich town in Bagh valley. 


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