Bandala Valley

Bandala Valley In Azad Kashmir

Bandala Valley is one of the fascinating valleys of Azad Kashmir. It is situated on the bank of a river named the river Tawi and is almost about 28 km from Bhimber. Samahni, Chitti Mitti, Chawalian, and Nali villages are joined by Bandala Valley. Nali Village is the last place from where the border line of India started.

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    The agricultural system in the Valley:

    The land of Bandala Valley is rich, lush, and productive. It gives a fine quantity of crops to farmers. We can find lots of trees of fruit, particularly Mango trees. The two main crops that are cultivated per annum named corn and wheat. The land of Bandala valley is fertile, arable, and fruitful. The majority of the people are educated and their living standard has already been improved. But their priority is still to cultivate their land. They prepare their food by nurturing the land.

    Bandala agriculture

    How to travel to Bandala valley:

    Since Bandala Valley is near to border line of India, there are a few airports in India and Pakistan. Through these airlines, one can easily move to the valley. It will be a safe and short way to visit the valley. There are also ways to visit the valley by road. But it can be much longer and a bit more difficult than the airline. Several transportation agencies can help visitors to go to the beautiful places of Azad Kashmir like Bandala Valley. District management of Azad Kashmir introduced short-way taxis that can take visitors from one valley to another. It’s a great development by the management that made the travel easier for visitors.

    Bandala travel

    Best time to visit the valley:

    The best months to visit Bandala Valley are December and February. Snow falling is on its swing and this time is best to go and enjoy the snow falling. These months consider ideal to go to Bandala Valley. All possible beautiful scenes whether it is snowfall or rainfall that looks charming and heart-capturing showed in these months. And the visit in these months will be fruitful and enjoyable.

    snow at Bandala

    The weather of the valley:

    October to March are the coolest months in the valley. April and May are the months when the temperature is almost forbearing and modest. The two months June and July are a little tropical and scorching. And the common temperature remains between 35 degrees Celsius. This mild weather and climate are suitable for the fertility of the land and the best variety of crop production.  

    bandala weather

    Things to do in Bandala valley:

    There are many brooks, lakes, drop-downs, and lap pools. Visitors may enjoy them on their tours. These beautiful blessings are gifted by God for the refreshment of man. By enjoying these beauties, people can enjoy swimming there and also can fishing. These areas are much more prominent among regional adolescence. The quality of fishing will be excellent if it could be done during twilight and at the crack of dawn. These times can give enough amounts of fish. Certainly, this will be an exceptional experience.

    Bandala valley

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