banjosa Valley

Banjosa Valley In Azad Kashmir

Banjosa valley is named after Banjosa Lake. All the lakes and waterfalls are the things that enhance the beauty of Azad Kashmir and it is called “Heaven on Earth”. The valley is full of greenery and iconic scenes all around. It is situated in the Poonch district of Azad Kashmir, about 20 km from Rawalakot. The lake is so beautiful that no one can live but visit.

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    The attraction of tourists:

    Banjosa valley is easily captured tourist attraction due to its natural beauty. The valley is full of tall trees and has thick woodland. Banjosa Lake has mountains in the surrounding and the blue water of the lake seems so much clear and fresh. And the valley seems a perfect place for a picnic and to make memories. Banjosa valley is free from pollution and the fresh, cool, and natural air seems good. The atmosphere of the valley is so much calm, soothing, and comforted.

    Banjosa tourists

    The weather of Banjosa Valley:

    Just like the beautiful Banjosa Valley, the weather of the valley is also fascinating and charming. The temperature of the valley remains 12 to 17 degrees Celsius and cool in summer. In winter, there is snowfall which attracts the attention of tourists. The temperature of the valley remains -5 degrees Celsius. The coldness of the weather and the cleanliness of the atmosphere attract visitors’ attention.

    Banjosa valley

    Best time to visit the valley:

    Banjosa Lake is known as an artificial lake. There is not any specific time to visit the valley but it greets the visitors the whole year. The valley is so blessed by the beauty of nature that one can never forget its natural views. The valley is so lush that it seems like a green carpet around the lake. Although the valley is small but so rich in beauty that no one can beat its beauty. The scene of the valley looks so much attractive and as pretty as picture.

    banjosa lake drone view

    Best things to do in the Valley:

    Visitors make their time hundred times much precious if they visit Banjosa Valley. Few things are so much interesting to do there. They can do fishing, boating, camping, and horse riding, and make their meal much better and more enjoyable. Visitors can do barbeque at the lake with their family members and friends. The valley has a swing area, especially for the children. They can enjoy these swings during their visit to the lake.  

    Hotels and resorts in Banjosa Lake:

    The small valley has grabbed all the possible facilities for its tourists. The district manager of the valley takes care of all the minute detail in this regard. Visitors can get the facilities on their demand. They can get as expensive hotels, foods, and resorts as they want. There are some inexpensive services also for the visitors. Staff members of these hotels and resorts pay for their valuable services. The management has a choice for their visitors as they want to book in a hotel or they want any private hut or rest house. There are all kinds of services for all kinds of visitors.

    Banjosa Hotels

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