Jhelum Valley

Jhelum Valley In Azad Kashmir

Jhelum Valley is the land of refinement, charm, and foliage. The valley is most cleaned, tidy and has pure and fresh air that is healthy for man. Jhelum valley enhances the beauty of Azad Kashmir. The tall and lush town became the center of attention for visitors.

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    Where is the Jhelum valley located?

    Jhelum valley is famous for the name of the river Jhelum. It is situated along the river Jhelum in Azad Kashmir. Valley is prolonged by almost 50 km. the valley has rich green mountains all around. The valley is also known as its nickname “land of saints”. Some Sufia e Karam belonged to the Jhelum Valley. The valley joins two regions Chokothi and Muzaffarabad by the road along the river Jhelum. The main headquarter of the valley is Hattian Bala. The river Jhelum enumerates the beauty of the valley and supplies its water to the tress of the valley.

    Jhelum valley

    Is there any transport facility in the valley?

    Jhelum valley has the facility of transport for the residents and visitors. The valley consists of small roads that are distinctly covered the distances and the difficulties of travel from one place to other. The management of the valley improved this system gradually for the convenience of the regional people and outsides. District management is constructing some bridges and new roads to reduce the ratio of accidents and to cross the river in less time. All the transportation systems have been nicely managed by the government.

    Which facilities are available for locals?

    Although Jhelum valley is not a big city it consists of all the necessities that are compulsory for living standards. It has a market where all types of shopping can be done by the regional people. It has medical facilities whether it is a hospital or pharmacy. It has a post office to make sure the mails of residencies to send their relevant places. District management also provides communication facilities for the people. The valley has a good education system. And there are some hotels for outsiders.

    Transport in Jhelum


    What is the attraction for tourists?

    The main attraction for outsiders in the valley is the Jhelum River. It enhances the beauty of the valley a hundred times. The rich, enchanting, and mountains full of greenery captures the attention of visitors. The view of the valley looks like a picture and painting. The Jhelum valley is a beautiful reflection of God’s creativity. The green mountains present a landscape view of the valley that looks amazing.

    jhelum places

    What is the climate and best time to visit the valley?

    The hottest months of Jhelum are May, June, and July. The hottest of the valley is in mid of June when the temperature remains 40 degrees Celsius. If anyone wants to visit the valley, January to May and August to December will be the best time to visit. These months have pleasant weather and are the ideal time to go there. The atmosphere of the valley remains quiet and clear.

    Jhelum climate

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