kas chantar Valley

Kas Chantar Valley In Azad Kashmir

Kas Chanatar is the most beautiful valley in Azad Kashmir. Every valley of Azad Kashmir is filled with the beauty of nature. Nature bestowed all the possible blessings to Azad Kashmir. That’s why Azad Kashmir is famous as “heaven on earth”. And in reality, it seems like a paradise as it is filled with orchards, lakes, waterfalls, and streams. There is no need to add any man-made or artificial thing to make it beautiful. Azad Kashmir is blessed by Allah Almighty and rich in natural beauty.

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    What is the location of the valley?

    Kas Chanatar is basically a village and it is situated beside the city Bhimber and very much close to the boundary of the province Punjab, Pakistan. This valley is surrounded by villages. There is a stream that flowed in the valley named Chanatar Kas. Some villages are included in this region named Gurah Mehran, Chini Dakki, Gurah Chadian, Chatta, etc.

    kas chantar valley

    The lifestyle of the regional people:

    The people of the valley are simple and hard working. They believe in the work that needs effort. They work in their fields to grow pure and hygienic food. The two main crops that they grow are wheat and corn. They get a fine amount of these two crops per annum. The villagers depend on their home cultivation. The land of the valley is much fertile and rich which helps the farmer to grow crops.


    Facilities in the valley:

    Kas Chanatar valley is a village but it has all the possible facilities for people. Not long ago that they get the facility of electricity. Telephonic lines are also going to be started just now. With time the district management started to develop the village. They also introduced television cables in the valley.

    What is the historical background of the village?

    This area has special importance regarding history. Mughal Emperors ruled in these regions for almost about 200 years. The walls in the village are still the same as they were constructed. These walls are big and heavy due to the stones that they used during construction. The valley has vital significance due to this historical background. The buildings constructed by the Mughals are still the center of attention for tourists. The way of this village is used by the people to go to India due to the past affairs of Mughal. 

    Kas chantar valley fort

    Best Time to go Kas ChantarValley

    The weather in the valley is moderate. According to a report, the monsoon in Kas Chanatar is going to be started in August. And during the monsoon, streams flow in the village. The summer season is short and the winter season is a bit long and cool. The suitable time to visit kas Chanatar Valley is September to October. The warmest month of the valley is June with the possible high temperature. The coldest month in the valley is January. In winter, there is snow falling and precipitation that makes the winter colder. The atmosphere is cleaned and free of dusty particles.

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