Leepa Valley

Leepa Valley in Azad Kashmir

Leepa Valley is full of blessings and natural beauty. Its rich, enchanting, and lush view gives comfort to the eyes of visitors. Beautiful fields of rice create a powerful picture and just like the art of painting.

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    Where Leepa Valley is located?

    Leepa valley enhances the beauty of Azad Kashmir. It is situated near Muzzafarabad about 45 km in the district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan named Hattian Bala. This valley is a village and also consists of villages like Reshian, Dao Khan, and Chananian. It is loaded with greenery all around. It is quite near to the line of control which respectively detached Azad Kashmir from Jammu and Kashmir.

    Leepa village located

    What’s the tourist attraction in Leepa?

    There are so many tourist attractions for the visitors. Valley captivates the attention of its visitors by giving a view of beautiful triplet stories of wooden Kashmiri houses. The lush rice fields look so charming that no one can stop but see. Leepa is so known for its fruits whether these are fruits or dry fruits like apples, figs, walnuts, and cherries. The valley has multiple varieties of apples like Golden and Kala Kullo King. The people of the valley still used the old techniques of farming. The honey of this valley is famous for its delicious taste.

    Leepa attractions

    Weather in the Leepa valley?

    The weather in Leepa valley is too much amazing. Snow falling in the winter captured the attention of outsiders. The trees filled as they were covered with a blanket of snow. The climate of the valley remains super amazing all around the year. With snowfall, the valley receives almost 745 mm of precipitation per annum. January is the frosty and chilly month with a temperature of 3 while July is the scorching month with a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius all over the year.

    leepa weather

    What is the best time to visit the valley?

    This valley is known as “mini Kashmir” and the most beautiful valley of Azad Kashmir. May to November are the best months of the year to visit the valley. It has everlasting beauty and exquisite and charming scenes that automatically grab the attention and spark interest in it. Leepa valley is called the dream place to visit. For best and safe travel, the management of the valley makes sure the facility of jeeps for visitors so that they can enjoy a safe journey comfortably. The owners and drivers of jeeps escorted the outsiders about every beautiful point of the valley.

    Leepa valley in winter

    Culture of Leepa valley?

    The people of Leepa valley are much committed and God-fearing. They used Kashmiri as their mother tongue along with Hindkoh. The local community adopted agriculture as their profession to earn bread and they paid for their duties for tourists like the availability of jeeps for outsiders and advisors. The valley is well known for its rich color schemes like red, orange, and yellow. People used to wear dresses of these colors that look interesting. Explore more about the Valleys in Pakistan.

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