Chapursan valley

Chapursan Valley in Gilgit Baltistan

Chapursan Valley is situated in the Hunza district, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. This is the northern area of Pakistan and nearest to the international border named Afghanistan Wakhan. A long and dusty road leads to the valley and almost eight villages pass during the drive to the valley. Among those eight villages in Chapursan, Zoodkhun is the last village. The valley is also known as a remote valley. The valley seems as if this is the last place or end place of the world. It is situated at a height of almost 3,000 meters from sea level. 

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    Beauty of Chapursan valley

    Chapursan valley is full of outstanding scenery. The whole route is covered with mountains that present a color scheme of a brownish and little bit of grey and look so stunning and amazing that human thought stuck for a while. A huge amount of natural beauty is present in the valley. Along with the mountains, the river Gilgit flows and gives a fascinating sight and left a lasting impression on the mind of visitors. There are almost 13 villages and the most famous place is named Baba Ghundi shrine which is often visited by outsiders.  

    Chapursan valley in gilgit

    Best time to visit the Chapursan valley

    The most suitable season of the valley is the summer season as it is convenient for visitors and helps out to travel. The summer season starts from June till September. The temperature remains between 25 degrees celsius with a cool light breeze. May to October is the ideal month to access the valley. The coldness of the valley is so harsh and the locals of the valley are used to bearing this coldness. The valley is not so crowded so one can easily travel to it.

    yak in chapursan valley

    How to access the valley?

    Accessing the beautiful valley is not a bumpy ride but it is easy and smooth that anyone can get it. There are a few means to travel that one can visit through public transport from Hunza, hire a jeep, and through his vehicle. The regional people are so skilled that they can manage all types of the route of the valley. The owner of the jeep can provide you a smooth driving and complete guideline about the valley that will be most interesting to know about the all facts and information about the valley.

    mountains of chapursan valley

    Lifestyle of locals

    The Chapursan valley is full of uniqueness and beauty. No doubt it is not a historical place but the mountains, villages, and routes give a historical touch through beauty. The locals of the valley are fond of playing Polo and Buzkashi, especially in summer. The shepherds take their herds to pastures for grazing. This process starts from June till September. And they are used to going high elevations easily. They can provide horse and yak riding to their tourists for a handsome amount.    

    Women playing polo in Chapursan valley

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