Leepa Valley in Azad Kashmir

Guide To Leepa Valley in Azad Kashmir

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    Leepa valley:

    Leepa valley is the most alluring and prepossessing place in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The land of the place is most productive, plowable, and cultivate. It is located in a district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir named Hattian Bala. The valley is almost 83 kilometers from Muzzafarabad which is the capital and 38 km from Reshian. It is not so long but loaded with natural beauty and full of blessings that are looked fascinating. It is closed to the borderline or line of control between India and Pakistan. The valley is also known as the last valley of Azad and Jammu Kashmir due to the LOC.  

    The beauty of Leepa valley:

    The valley is full of fine, tall, and lush trees. The floor of the valley looks like a green carpeted floor. Due to the beautiful and charming visuals, the valley became the center of attention for tourists. The valley in Azad Kashmir is no less than a chunk of Heaven. There are lakes and waterfalls with translucent and crystal-clear water. The lush and rich fields of rice are grown and present an alluring picture of beauty. The agriculture system of the valley is so rich. There are trees of fruit like walnut, apple, and cherry. Valley is also famous for its delicious honey. People are lived in wooden houses on mountains that look so amazing and refresh the old traditions of the valley. 

    leepa weather

    Best time to visit the Leepa valley:

    The best and ideal time to get to the valley is the winter season. Because the valley gives a most thrilling and enchanting image to its visitors. The valley got snow falling in winter and trees fell off their leaves due to the recent end of the autumn season. Visitors can enjoy their best time and make it more memorable in this season instead of others. The valley has a facility of local hotels and rest houses. Anyone can find a hotel in the valley whether he wants a luxury class or inexpensive. One can manage the facilities in his budget. 

    Leepa valley in winter

    How to reach the valley:

    A metal road is linked with Leepa valley to Muzaffarabad. Travel can be easy and safe on this road for outsiders. An ascent also falls in this route almost about 3200 meters elevated from Reshian and it comes down to the other corner of Leepa valley almost about 1677 meters. It remains open from May to November for domiciliary. 

    Most visiting places of Leepa valley:

    The most beautiful and enchanting valley has some villages that also increase its beauty and the view left a long-lasting impression on the mind of visitors. The scenery of the valley is so stunning that can never be forgotten. 

    Dao Khan:

    Dao khan is one of the most beautiful villages of Leepa valley. It is pinpointed almost 75 km from the capital city of Muzzafarabad, Azad Kashmir. The village is very well prominent for its remarkable beauty. The whole village is captivated by the attraction at first sight. There is snow all around on mountains and on roads. It seems that the tress of the village and mountains are covered with a blanket of snow. The environment of the valley is cool, fine, cleaned, and pleasing. Although the road of the village is unsurfaced the nicely perpetuates the roads and makes travel on the road easy. The district management has established places for outsiders. They have planned to build new rest houses consisting of 10 rooms with all possible facilities for visitors. The government and tourism departments of Azad Jammu and Kashmir tried to better their services to raise tourism for better economic conditions. 

    Dao Khan
    Dao Khan 2



    Reshian is also the most enjoyable village in the valley. It is the entrance of the valley. And it is located in the west part of Muzaffarabad about 67 kilometers and the height of the village is almost about 5492 feet from the sea. The way to the village is risky that’s why the visitors have to take a jeep on the cost to reach the village. The owner of the jeeps can also show and guide about all the parts of the village because they know every corner of the valley. 

    reshian in leepa valey

    Leepa village:

    Leepa village in Leepa valley is the finest picture of the valley and the beauty of the village presents an unforgettable sketch in the mind of the viewer. The village is famous for its well-managed agriculture system whether it is rice crops in fields or the trees of fruits like apples, walnut, and cherry. All these blessings separated the village and enhance its beauty. The Leepa village is a small village in the valley and has a distance from Naily about 60 kilometers. The village is famous for the fine culture that the people have adopted and spend their life according to it. The old style of wooden Kashmiri houses is the best picture of their culture.

    Leepa attractions


     The village is located about 63 km from Naily and has a distance from Reshian about 36 km. The village is placed in front of Leepa village and the neighborhood of LOC. Chananian has not the luxury of fine motels for the visitors but there are some boarding houses for the stay. There is a thick forest of pine trees all around the village and a Nala named Qazi Naag that flows nearby the village. The river Jhelum passed through the Leepa valley and the village has a height of about 2226 meters from the sea level. The outsiders must hire a jeep for a better and safe journey toward Reshian and the Leepa valley.

    chanaian leepa valley

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