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Samahni Valley in Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir is famous and well known all over the world for its beauty. The small towns in Azad Kashmir enhance its beauty hundreds of times. Each valley, village, and town has its place that cannot be replaced. Similarly, Samahni valley is one of the beautiful towns of Azad Kashmir. 

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    Where is the Samahni valley situated?

    Samahni is a tehsil and town of the district Bhimber, Azad Kashmir. It is in the northeast and is almost about 30 km from Mirpur. The valley is spacious almost 8 km and prolonged almost 35 km. It is extended in the west from Chawlian to Behmla. The valley is much popular for its beauty among visitors. It is the longest valley of Azad Kashmir and has different subdivisions. It is also known as the last valley of Azad Kashmir which starts between Azad and Jammu Kashmir. 

    samahni valley situated

    Beauty of the Samahni valley?

    The beautiful green mountains all around the valley seem stunning. There are waterfalls, lakes, and streams with transparent and clear water. There is a forest of pine trees in the valley. The whole valley has calm and clean airspace that is free of pollution and healthy for man. The unspotted and unstained atmosphere captures the hearts of the visitors towards it. Tall and thick trees gave a fine picture of beauty to its visitors. The whole valley consists of a stony floor there are no particles of dust. It looks lush and rich and attracts the attention of outsiders.

    beauty of samahni

    People of the valley:

    The people of Samahni valley are simple, peaceful, hospitable, and kind-hearted. They depend on agriculture to earn food and money. Two main crops wheat and maize are grown in the valley per annum. These are the people who strictly follow the rules and regulations to make their life calm and tranquil. They used the Pahari language to speak and also understand the Urdu language which is convenient to convey their ideas. Also, they are safe from crimes, burglary, and theft. Gave importance to their culture and their standards of living. The whole community is hard-working and believes in the work that they do with their own hands. Some people work in foreign countries for a better future.

    people of samahni

    What is the best time to visit the valley?

    Samahni valley has a large area and consists of large and unlimited sceneries for its visitors. The most suitable months to visit the valley are March and April and after that July, August, and September. These months give the visitors a fascinating and outstanding tranquil view to enjoy. There is no rush environment but calmness is there all around. The whole valley is an excellent picture of blessings by the creator. 

    valley samahni

    The climate of the valley:

    In winter, January and December are the chilliest and frosty months and the temperature remains 9 degrees Celsius. The scorching month is June with 43 temperatures. Snowfall in winter is in full swing which seems attractive. Most of the visitors reach there to enjoy it. 

    flowers in valley

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