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Best Places In Shounter Valley

Welcome! There is another new thing for all who are planning to go to Shounter valley. I am sure the given information will be helpful in deciding to visit best places in Shounter Valley. Another advantage to reading it is that you can easily make your list of the places that you want to visit in the valley. So let’s start. And stay in touch for more useful information.

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    Heaven on Earth:

    Azad Kashmir is the most peaceful, calm, wonderful, and beautiful place in the world. It is no less than a “Heaven on Earth”. The very phrase is most suitable for Azad Kashmir. The said place is full of blessings of God, whether it is about the mountains of the land or the greenery of the land. The creator of the whole world name Allah (SWT) made the land that one lost his consciousness about and lost himself to see the beauty of it. 

    About Shounter valley:

    Shounter valley is the most fascinating part of the remarkable beauty of Azad Kashmir. Shounter valley is known for its uniqueness and is the most visited valley of Azad Kashmir. It is all about the lush mountains, and stony and shrink floor that seems dangerous for new visitors but adventurous. Although you can read in detail about shounter valley here.

    shounter mountain

    Best places to visit in shounter valley:

    The beauty of the said place is uncountable and also unmeasurable. This valley is not so long but has enough beauty in it to enjoy and to see. So let’s start our journey about best places in Shounter Valley.

    Shounter waterfall:

    The waterfall is a tip and spike where water falls from the peak to the lower level with its full potential and provides a heart-capturing beauty to its viewers. Shounter waterfall is best place in Shounter valley. It is situated almost 28 kilometers from Kel valley in the North-East part. Shounter word is derived from the Shina language which directly means waterfall. Waterfall contains the water that comes from glaciers. The mountains are covered with snow from past years. They melted and their water in the form of glaciers flowed toward the streams and lakes. Outsiders that come far from the area tried to cross the summit to see the starting point of the waterfall. There is a historical reference to the waterfalls that decade ago people who belong to the religion of Hinduism and Buddhism, spend their time in the mountains near waterfalls for meditation and contemplation. 

    The mountains covered with snow are behind the green summits and peaks. Behind the waterfall, there is another valley Hariparbat. The water of the cascade looks white crystal and clear. The water circulates over the stony, hard, and rugged ascent and seems so much cleaned and swabbed. It is colder that no one can stay in it only just for 5 minutes. The local community is also called is Chamber. There are several mini waterfalls also. To reach on top, it takes almost one and a half hours easily. There is not any sort of transport, it is all about the human effort to cross the peak. The beauty of the waterfall is splendid and outclass that every visitor remembers God and thanks him for the magisterial and sublime scenes.

    shonter waterfall clear water
    shounter waterfall in winter
    waterfalls in shounter


    Chitta Katha Lake:

    Chitta Katha Lake is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes of Azad Kashmir. The lake has Glacier Mountains all around covered with pure white snow and looks amazing. From Kel and Shounter road, the trek is full of dangers. And there are some sorts of difficult bridges which have to cross to reach Chitta Katha Lake. Visitors stay there in camps and tents given by the regional people and some carry with them their luggage. There are long ascents that have to cross to reach Chitta Katha. The trek is passed through a couple of mountains and after that shounter, Nala and its bridge have to cross. The route is full of stones and trees and some bushes along with shounter Nala which looks stunning. After shounter nala there is the waterfall full of ascents that are so dangerous. 

    The water of  Lake looks greenish and pure. It is known as Alpine Lake in Asia. Chitta Katha Lake is situated at a height of 13,500 feet. The Lake has historical reference because it is associated with Hinduism as a blessed and holy place. According to them, it is the dwelling of Shiva.

    chitta katha lake in shounter

    Shounter Lake:

    The Shounter Lake is like a jewel and precious stone of the valley. It is also famous by the name spoon Lake due to its shape which has a resemblance to a spoon. It is located under Hari Parbat. One can get access to the lake by crossing some ascents because it is at a height of almost 31000 meters and enclose with snowy mountains and green and lush verdure.

    The water of the lake is clear and crystal and the lake is surrounded by a lush green carpeted floor that seems so stunning. There is peace and calmness and not any disturbing noise. The whole environment is so cleaned that it amazed visitors. The source of water in the lake is Glacier Mountains which fall and make their way by themselves.

    Shounter Lake

    Shounter pass:

    Shounter pass also has its significance. It is situated in Neelum Valley and has a height of about 4,420 meters from sea level. It joined Azad Jammu and Kashmir with Gilgit Baltistan, Astore, and Chand Bali. It is a mountainous area that is used to travel by tourists.

    shounter pass

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