sajikot waterfall

Guide To Sajikot Waterfall in Pakistan

Sajikot waterfall is in the Sajikot village, Havelian Tehsil (District Abbottabad). This waterfall is a famous tourist spot in the Abbottabad district. There is one main layer of waterfall coming from top, which is later dived into two more layers of a waterfall. These three layers of water together creates a stunning scenery and speaks about the nature.

Height Of Sajikot Waterfall

The Sajikot waterfall height is 200 feet (60m). Clean and fresh air at this place attracts a large number of tourists as well.

Nathia Gali to Sajikot Waterfall

This waterfall is 24 Km away from the Nathiya Gali Road. You will enjoy the amazing views through this route. The clean environment, fresh air, and stunning views of mountains will not get you bored on this route.

 After covering the 1.5Km from the Nathiya Gali, the road turns into the Kala Bagh Road. Then after covering the distance of almost 22 Km, you will see the amazing view of the waterfall. You can easily watch this waterfall from the road but to reach near it you have to go down between the mountains.

Islamabad To Sajikot Waterfall

There is 145 Km of distance from Islamabad to this waterfall which is almost a drive of 2:30 hours. The road is clean and there are no hurdles or bumps on road.

Lahore To Sajikot Waterfall

This waterfall is 464 Kilometers away from Lahore and almost needs 6 hours of drive to reach there. The Kalar Kahar spot as well come during the travel.

Move to descend to reach the waterfall

You have to go down for reaching the waterfall. There is no road for vehicles. You have to park the vehicles at the top of the road and then go down between the rocky mountains. These rocks are slippery and the path is so tricky. You have to be careful.

Not to do Near Waterfall

The pool at watefall is not for swimming. This pool is deep, standing at the corner or bank of this pond is not dangerous but do not do a bath or swim in the pond of this waterfall. Some people are drowned during swimming in the pool. So, be careful!

There  is as well a Umbrella Waterfall near this waterfall in the Poon Village. You can also visit to it when you go for this Waterfall.

Pictures of Sajikot Waterfall

  • drone view of watefrall
  • Top View of Waterfall
  • Drone view of waterfall
  • Waterfall

drone view of watefrall
Top View of Waterfall
Drone view of waterfall

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