Best places in India

Best Places to visit in India

This list of best places to visit in India will help you organize a trip to this magical country, full of great contrasts that we are sure will leave an indelible mark on you. Based on the experience of our trip to North India and future trips to this huge country, we have made this list of what we think are the best essential places to see in India. Let’s start!

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    1. Agra

    The city of Agra is famous for being the place where the Taj Mahal is located, one of the 7 wonders of the world, and one of the essential places to visit in India.
    This beautiful white marble mausoleum was built by the Mongolian Emperor Shah Jahan as a tribute to his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died during childbirth.

    Agra in india

    The best time to visit it is first thing in the morning, it opens at 6 in the morning, when the organized groups have not yet arrived and you can enjoy it with fewer people, taking into account that it is closed on Fridays.
    In addition to going in early and taking thousands of photos, we recommend watching the incredible sunset from the banks of the Yamuna River, located in front of the mausoleum. Another of the most famous places in the city is the Agra Fort, a fortress known as the Red Fort that has several palaces inside and fantastic views from its towers, including those of the Taj Mahal.

    2. Varanasi

    Varanasi or Benares, the city where death and life meet around the Ganges River, is one of the most impressive places to see in India and the world.
    In this sacred city for Hinduism, the cremation of bodies is carried out on the banks of the Ganges, one of the fundamental rites of this religion. This belief is based on the belief that after burning the body, the ashes must be thrown into this sacred river so that the soul does not reincarnate anymore and thus find peace when it reaches nirvana.
    In addition to this fundamental right, the Ganges water is also used to purify oneself, something that you will see continuously when you see crowds of Hindus bathing. The best way to see this part of the city is by taking a boat trip at dawn on the Ganges, where you will see old palaces with colored facades and ghats, steps leading to the river, and where different Hindu rituals are performed.

    In addition to the walk, we recommend that you get lost in the old streets of the city, see some of its temples and walk along the riverbank.

    Varanasi in india

    3. Amritsar

    Amritsar, the sacred city of the Sikhs located in the north of the country, is another of the most incredible places to visit in India.
    Millions of Sikhs, easily recognizable by their spectacular turbans that hide their long hair, travel thousands of kilometers to reach this city every year. The most important site in the city is the Golden Temple, an architectural marvel covered in gold leaf and built on a small island in the Lake of Amrit.
    To get to Amritsar from Delhi you can take a plane which takes one hour or a train from Delhi which takes more than 6 hours.

    Amritsar in india

    4. Kerala, is one of the places to visit in India

    Kerala, a land of intense green landscapes populated with coconut palms and exotic nature, is another of the most beautiful regions to see in India.
    This rich state, located in the south of India, is perfect for getting to know the country without suffering the brutal impact of contrasts and poverty in the north.
    In addition to enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and the friendliness of the people, one of the great jewels of Kerala is the rides in traditional rice boats through the Backwaters and labyrinthine channels that connect different lakes.
    Other essential places in this area are the tea plantations around Munnar and the colonial houses of the beautiful city of Kochi, where you can see at sunset the fishermen collecting nets of Chinese origin, one of the idyllic images of South India. The best way to reach Kerala from Delhi or Mumbai is by air, landing at either Kochi or Trivandrum international airports.

    Kerala in india

    5. Jaisalmer

    Jaisalmer, known as the Golden City, is our favorite city in Rajasthan and another of the essential places to visit in India.
    This city located on top of a rock, and crowned by an impressive fort, rises in the middle of the yellowish desert of the Thar, making it one of the most incredible sights in northern India.
    Upon entering through one of the access gates of the great wall that surrounds the city, you will enjoy alleys and corners full of charm, old palaces, havelis or traditional Indian mansions, and Jain and Hindu temples, meticulously decorated.
    After seeing all these wonders, you can complete your stay in the city by taking an excursion through the dunes or seeing a totally starry sky in the great Thar desert.

    To get to Jaisalmer we recommend taking a route through northern India by car with a driver or by train, which would include cities such as Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Pushkar, among others.

    Jaisalmer india

    6. The Ellora and Ajanta Caves

    The Ajanta and Ellora caves, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are a group of temples and monasteries excavated and sculpted on the rock, which will leave you speechless and will become two essential things to see in India.
    These two archaeological complexes visited in India are surrounded by tropical landscapes in the center of the country and are separated by more than 100 kilometers. In Ellora, you will find 34 caves with Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu temples built between the 6th and 11th centuries AD while in Ajanta there are 29 Buddhist caves, excavated between the 2nd and 6th centuries AD.

    To visit the caves you can go to the town of Aurangabad, which is well connected by train and air with Bombay and Delhi. From this city, you can take a bus or taxi to the Ellora Caves, located 30 kilometers away and closed on Tuesdays, and another to the Ajanta Caves, located 100 kilometers away and closed on Mondays.

    The Ellora and Ajanta Caves

    7. Jaipur

    Jaipur, the pink city and capital of Rajasthan, is one of the most interesting cities to visit in India thanks to its magnificent palaces, forts, and temples.
    A route through the city cannot miss the impressive facade of the Palace of the Winds, the Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory, the City Palace, and its bazaars such as Chandpole and Tripolia.
    The tour can continue by hopping in a taxi and heading out of the center of Jaipur to reach the royal cenotaphs, before continuing for about 2 kilometers to one of our favorite places in the city, the Temple of the Sun.
    You can complete your visit to Jaipur with a visit to one of the great jewels to see in India, the Amber Fort, located just over 10 kilometers from Jaipur.
    This fortress which mixes Muslim and Hindu architecture is located on top of a hill and inside you will find beautiful palaces, temples, and gardens.

    Jaipur in india

    We share with you these places. Hopefully, you find this article helpful.

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