zalzal lake

Zalzal Lake In Azad Kashmir

Zalzal Lake is a most beautiful and fascinating masterpiece of natural beauty. It is continuously surrounded by thick tall trees and lush carpeted mountains and beautiful villages that enhance its beauty on a large scale. The Lake is so attractive that captures the attention of its visitors.

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    Where is the Zalzal lake situated?

    The said lake or pothole is positioned behind Chakar village near Muzzafarabad Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is almost 55 kilometers from Muzzafarabad and takes almost 15 to 20-minute walking distance from Chakar to reach the lake. The lake is approximately prolonged 3.5 kilometers and has a depth of almost about 350 feet. From the road of Sudhan Gali, it takes a 40 to 50-minute walk to access because the road is bumpy and irregular.

    How the Lake did come into being?

    The earthquake of 8th October 2005 became the root cause of this Lake. Due to the high intensity of the earthquake, a mountain skidded into the valley and almost four to five villages were victimized by this great disaster. This calamity became the cause of deaths and the number of people inhumed in it. According to research, amount people who buried were was almost about 1200 to 2500 and according to the local community, they were almost about 5000 in an amount that lost their lives and approximately 4 million people lost their homes and became homeless. This mountain slide obstructed two watercourses. The flow of water was blocked. That blockage of water creates another lake that is called Zalzal Lake (Earthquake Lake).

    zalzal lake

    What is the beauty of Lake?

    Words are not enough to explain the beauty of the lake. The water that flows in the lake is much immaculate, pure, and fresh. There is not any sort of pollution; the whole area is tidy and well-ordered. The lake is full of the natural environment; high mountains covered the lake, and look rich and lush carpet. Between trees and mountains, Zalzal Lake looks so beautiful, and it’s fresh water that has a mint color. The environment is healthy and fresh which looks amazing. The water of the lake amalgamates in the river Jhelum near Hattian Bala.

    zalzal lake inn azad kashmir

    Are there facilities for tourists?

    Zalzal lake is fully unattended by the district Government. There is no proper track to reach the exact point of the lake. Visitors cannot access it on their own, because of the dangerous treks and the long distances. To access the lake, one should cross the high mountains and their dangerous treks. Local people gave the facility of boating to their visitors on their own. They have arranged a small sitting area for outsiders.

    zalzal lake in ajk

    What is the source of attraction?

    Although, the lake needs more and more attention it has an attraction to it. Due to the effort of local people, it has become a wonderful place to visit. The temperature in the four seasons remains pleasant. It is a peaceful and quiet place for tourists. The water of the lake changes its color by season.

    zalzal lake in azad kashmir

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